How do you find out that you are pregnant?

Answer You can find out if you are pregnant one of three ways. You can take a home pregnancy test, have a urine test preformed by a Dr, or have a blood test preformed by a Dr.

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How soon can you find out that your pregnant?

You usually find out after you miss your period. You can take a pregnancy test to find out. Remember, + = pregnant. - = you're not pregnant. (These are the common indications to a pregnancy test, u... Read More »

What do you do after you find out that you are pregnant?

1. Tell your partner or a close friend 2. Start taking prenatal vitamins 3. Set up an appointment with your gynecologist 4. See a family planning clinic if you have more questions or concerns T... Read More »

How many days are you until you find out that you are pregnant?

Earliest is about 3-4 weeks after sex. Take a test if you miss your period

My friend just won a scholarship to med school only to find out that she's pregnant?

Wow, what a dilemma. The decision is hers and hers alone. Either way, she is going to be left with a long list of what ifs and if onlys. She really needs to think this through. I don't know what ad... Read More »