How do you find out if someone owns a corporation?

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How to Find Out Who Owns a Corporation in Iowa?

Corporations are invented entities created as separate unique creatures under which business is conducted. When you need to contact a corporation's owner about something, such as potential business... Read More »

Who owns the Mazda corporation?

Mazda is a publicly traded company, selling on stock exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Ford currently owns about 13 percent after reducing their holdings from 33.4 percent in 2008.

Who owns a non-profit corporation?

No one owns a non-profit corporation. It has a board of directors and may have members who can vote, but there are no shares and no shareholders, as is the case in a regular corporation. If and whe... Read More »

Who owns Frigidaire Corporation?

Frigidaire is a fully owned subsidiary and brand of Electrolux. Under the Frigidaire brand are fridges, washing machines and other appliances. Electrolux acquired White Consolidated Industries, Fri... Read More »