How do you find out how much suction a vacuum cleaner has?

Answer It is vacuum

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What is the best vacuum cleaner for suction?

On One Hand: Balanced Suction and Air FlowA proportionate balance of suction and air flow creates the good suction power of a vacuum cleaner. Knowing which vacuum delivers the exact ratio is diffi... Read More »

Why your vacuum cleaner has no suction?

Plug it into a properly grounded receptacle if it has a ground prong. Otherwise, if it has only a two-prong plug, it is a design flaw and you will need to remember to discharge it, before you touch... Read More »

Would the vacuum cleaner and its suction be a fetishe?

No, that would be considered being very lonely.I heard that the vacuum cleaner can masturbate a person.

What is the best suction pressure of a vacuum cleaner?