How do you find out how much money you have left on the iPad?

Answer You can log onto your bank's website and look at your account balance.

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Brand new iPad 2 for birthday. Took pictures but deleted them.However when i swipe left from camera there is a deleted picture in upper left corner of screen edged in a white box.How can i delete it?

They use the same operating system and can run many of the same apps. Using iCloud, you can share the same data over the net. They are separate computers, so they are not integrated in the sense of... Read More »

Is there anyone that has ever left million dollar money drop with any money?

Yes she is but I hope the producers of the game add it to the script for they next season of the game

How much money do you get when you extchange iPad for the iPad 2?

How can you tell how much memory you have left on iPad 2?

The iPad comes with iMessage which means you can text other Apple devices for free. You cannot text someone that doesn't use an Apple device.