How do you find information on the symptoms of a brain tumour?

Answer AnswerSymptoms of a brain tumor really depend on the location of brain tissue the tumor directly presses on or invades. These symptoms can include but are not limited to:New onset in pattern of hea... Read More »

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Brain tumour symptoms :(?

Again, if it's gone on for 10 years, it ain't a brain tumor. Blood work won't diagnose a brain tumor..btw, those little neuro tests don't diagnose a brain tumor..

Are these brain tumour symptoms?

I already told you they aren't indicative of a brain tumor...

What are the symptoms of brain tumour & how can one detect it?

There are differing types of brain tumours.I have a meningioma. It is a tumour in the tissue surrounding the brain.My tumour is attached to the optic nerve.The symptoms are failing vision & enlarge... Read More »

Do I Have a brain tumour?