How do you find if there are links to an article you just created?

Answer If you mean links from within Wikipedia, you're right, there was a link for it, called "What links here."Actually, that link is still there, it's just that in the new Vector skin, it's been hidden ... Read More »

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How to Find Out Who Created a wikiHow Article?

Are you curious of the wikihow article and you want to know who created the article? Then read on!

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Can you get to every Wikipedia article by just clicking on the blue links?

No, not unless you count the "Random article" link in the sidebar.Many pages with few or no links from other pages have the "Orphan" template applied to them, and you can see those pages (the ones ... Read More »

I am looking for an article with specific words on Google, and when i search it the links do show up?

when you are typing them, Google is showing all sorts of results, not necessarily articles. You can do one thing, after you get a search result with any of the keyword, look at the right side of th... Read More »