How do you find iPhone exploits?

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Definition of Virus Exploits?

An exploit is a computer threat that takes advantage of security holes and vulnerabilities found in applications and operating systems. Exploits circumvent an otherwise valid application as an entr... Read More »

How do you find your iPhone using the Find My iPhone app?

You can only use this feature if you have set up your MobileMe account in the Setting app on your iPhone. If you never did this, you will not be able to locate your phone. If you have set it up an... Read More »

How do you get the passcode of when you lock your iPhone with find my iPhone?

Since you set the passcode, when you get your phone back, you enter the same passcode you entered on FIND MY IPHONE

When using find your iPhone from a computer does it notify the person in possession of the iPhone?

It can it depends on how you have set the app up you have the option for a message not to appear either.