How do you find files on your hard drive?

Answer start/my documents. or start/ my computer/c drive.Alternatively use the search in your start menu

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How to Permanently Remove Files from Your Hard Drive?

Simply putting files in the trash and emptying it leaves them on your hard drive in a form that is fairly easy to recover. This solution is free, and requires only a bit of time and access to an in... Read More »

Does iTunes keep files if your hard drive is wiped?

Yes and No. Anything that you purchased from the itunes store can be re-downloaded for free once signed in with your Apple ID. Anything you added yourself liek music from CDs, or downloaded video... Read More »

How to Find Emails on Your Computer Hard Drive?

Emails, among other things, can be saved as files on your computer's hard drive. If this is the case, you will be able to find these emails by doing a simple computer search. Keep in mind that web-... Read More »

Can you save your Xbox 360 hard drive on your computer hard drive?

You can save your XBox 360 hard drive onto your computer hard drive. It requires completely removing your XBox 360 hard drive from the system. This is not recommended by Microsoft, and will invalid... Read More »