How do you find biological relatives in another country?

Answer You should probably check ancestry.comIt has all your relatives.

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Who are considered biological relatives?

Someone related by a same bloodline is a biological relative. If a child is born of a mother and father and the couple adopts a child from another family, the siblings are not biologically related.... Read More »

How to Find People & Relatives in the USA?

Although most people would dream of having a close-knit family, many in the U.S. do not. More children are being raised in a single-parent household or being raised by extended family members. Many... Read More »

How do I find relatives on Facebook?

Create a Facebook AccountCreate a Facebook account at When you are building your profile, include your maiden name or previous name if relevant. Providing detailed and accurate in... Read More »

How do I find a list of relatives who have died?

Death RecordsContact the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the state in which the relative lived. A request for a death certificate typically requires the following pieces of information: a government ... Read More »