How do you find biological relatives in another country?

Answer You should probably check ancestry.comIt has all your relatives.

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Who are considered biological relatives?

Someone related by a same bloodline is a biological relative. If a child is born of a mother and father and the couple adopts a child from another family, the siblings are not biologically related.... Read More »

How to Find a Job in Another Country?

The global workforce has become more and more competitive. Often your salary and the local cost of living must be considered when you're confirming an overseas job offer. Additional benefits or per... Read More »

If a biological father is not determined and the child is adopted by another man through the court can paternity be determined at 6 years of age and would the biological father have any rights left?

Answer By Canadian Law if the mother of the child purposely did not contact the biological father and she married and her husband adopted the child and the biological father found out then yes, he... Read More »

If i wanted to go to college in another country or in another state how would i do that?

Another state is fairly easy. Another country requires you obtain a student visa for that country (not too difficult, but you still have to get the visa)