How do you find android FAQ 8031?

Answer Some of the best 4g smartphones to-date are: At&T:Motorola Atrix 4gSamsung InfuseVerizon:Samsung Droid ChargehTC ThunderboltLG RevolutionSprint:hTC EVO 3DhTC EVO shiftGoogle Nexus S 4gT-Mobile:hTC ... Read More »

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Where can you find android phones under 70?

Can't find instagram on android market?

Most probably running too low a version of Android for it. 2.1

Why cant you find a stickam app on the android market?

Nope, Well yeah you have to do all sorts of bad stuff to it.. after you did it all it would just be a normal phone that looks cool..Nothing that it features would work, Sorry

How do I find the default android reader .apk?

No such thing as "android default reader". Do you mean Google Reader, the RSS app?