How do you find a weighted average in microsoft excel?

Answer If I knew that certain recorded grades were to be worth a specific percentage of the total, then I would probably have another column to "flag" those grades into categories, such as in the followin... Read More »

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What is the formula for the average in microsoft excel?

The formula for the average in Microsoft Excel is: =AVERAGE(number1,[number2],...). In the formula, number1 is a required field representing a number, cell reference or range, and number2 and beyon... Read More »

How to Find the Manual Line Break in Microsoft Excel?

Trying to find an invisible character in an Excel spreadsheet can be overwhelming and frustrating if you have to search one cell at a time. But with the use of the numeric keyboard and the Find com... Read More »

How to Find, Cut and Paste a Cell Range in Microsoft Excel Visual Basic?

Microsoft Excel Visual Basic is a useful tool in organizing data. While entering in large amounts of numbers it is common to make mistakes and enter in numbers incorrectly or in the wrong place. In... Read More »

How to Average a Weighted Grade?

Averaging a weighted grade only requires a simple understanding of percentages and multiplication. If you can learn to average a weighted grade, you can remain apprised of your progress and standin... Read More »