How do you find a surrogate mom?

Answer Sign up with an agency *if you do, please make sure you research the agency, there are several agencies out there that are no good.**You can also go Independent, and cut out the middle man and save... Read More »

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Did Jen and Bill from The Little Couple ever have a baby find a surrogate or adopt a baby?

I saw them this past weekend at the Texas Children's museum with a stroller and a child that looked about 15 months old ( camera crews were with them )

Surrogate Gifts?

A surrogate pregnancy is a unique and loving way for couples unable to have children to become biological parents. The greatest gift of all is the newborn baby, but many intended parents also expre... Read More »

How to look for a surrogate?

I am a surrogate and I work for and agency that does all the work for you in finding you a surrogate. An agency takes care of the paper work and all the legalitys! they also do all the screaning an... Read More »

What is a county surrogate?

A county surrogate is a judge who has jurisdiction over probating wills, appointing administrators of a decedent’s estate, appointing guardians of minors and incapacitated people, approving adopt... Read More »