How do you find a man who served in the Marines in Vietnam?

Answer Consider contacting the VFW.

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How many US Marines served in Vietnam?

Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served in country during the Vietnam War.1,736,000 were US Army391,000 were US Marines293,000 were US Airmen174,000 were US Sailors (this figure includes the U... Read More »

Is there a list of US Marines who served in the Vietnam War?

It's possible to obtain the names of the 14,838 US Marines who perished in Vietnam; but it may prove to be a daunting task to obtain the names of the remaining 375,000 US Marines that fought in the... Read More »

How can you find list of name of veterans who served in Vietnam?

The short version is that you probably can't. Some people would be excluded as classified. Others will be in various branches of service. And then you have to define what constitutes as serving in ... Read More »

How would you go about helping your dad find a buddy of his who served with him in his unit during the Vietnam War?

1. Contact one of those ever popular computer sites that advertise "helping to locate old army buddies."2. Best bet, might be to inquire into "Vietnam Battalion/Unit/Squadron/Division Associations"... Read More »