How do you find a layout for a 1989 condominium?

Answer For the layout of any condominium by year, you should be able to find an original set of layout plans with the public offering statement that first offered the unit for sale. Then, any major improv... Read More »

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How do you find and download Florida condominium documents for a specific condominium?

Depending on which documents you want, you can look online in the county assessor's database, in the property manager's database or in the condominium online database. Be aware, however, that ther... Read More »

If a woman tried to find her adopted son in 1989 where would she have registered I mean she registered with adoption agencies in 1989 and passed 1 yr later I need this info so i can look now?

The state that she surrendered her adoption in, would be the first place to look. Good luck getting this information if you're not her son, or an immediate relative. YOu said that she passed, so i'... Read More »

How can you find a basic inground plumbing layout?

Answer Normally union Journeymen. There was a movie about a ship being upside down and the bathroom was installed by union plumbers BUT the fixture were placed on the ceiling rather then on the f... Read More »

Where do you find an in-ground pool plumbing layout?

Answer Do a Google search under swimming pool plumbing designs, or swimming pool plumbing (or pipe) layouts, or schematics... somewhere in the top ten will be a beautiful picture of what you want.