How do you film your computer's activity?

Answer Well I had that problem a while ago. I found cam studio. it works great, but I have a PC, so I hope it works for mac too.Here is a link…

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Is there a way to monitor internet activity from other computers using your router?

All that they need do is install what you might consider spyware. It might even be called "parental monitoring software".To be clear, while it's aimed at parents who are monitoring what their kids ... Read More »

Checklist to Evaluate Student Activity on Computers?

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What does enlarged stomach overeating and activity in your belly mean even if you get your period?

That you are experiencing gastric upset from over eating.

How to Monitor Bluetooth Activity on Your PC?

The Bluetooth protocol allows you to connect wireless devices to transmit data over short distances. On a computer, you can connect devices such as a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard. If you hav... Read More »