How do you file primary custody in Washington state?

Answer What is the intent and does it involve married or single parents?

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How to File for Child Custody in Washington State?

Washington state courts decide child-custody cases for married couples getting a divorce or separation, unmarried couples, and third parties seeking custody of a child. To file properly, make sure ... Read More »

How long does it take to change primary custody in Washington state if both parents agree to the change?

Answer Long enough to get the papers amended and signed and get it put on the docket of the family court in the county in which you live.

If a child lives with the mother in a different state than the father and father wants to file for custody where would he file in his state or the child's state of residence?

If you have primary physical custody of your daughter but joint legal custody with her father do you need permission from the court or him to move her to a different state?

AnswerIn most states you do. There are forms you can find online and have both the father and the mother sign them in front of a notary. I have done it in my case just as a safety measure.