How do you file charges for Harboring a child?

Answer How do you file charges on someone who will not allow the only living guardian see their child?

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How do you file child abandonment charges on a noncustodial father who pays child support but wants nothing to do with the child?

AnswerI don't think you can , How can a father who does not have custody over the child , abandon it?added: he's not really abandoning the child if he's paying support.

How to File Endangerment to a Child Charges?

Child endangerment statutes exist in every state and generally prohibit any person to cause or permit a child to suffer, or willfully permit circumstances or conditions that are likely to produce g... Read More »

If you file a report for child abuse will charges be pressed?

How late does child support have to be to file contempt of court charges?

There are no specific regulations, but after 30 days simply notify child support enforcement. Contempt of court is not for non-payment, it's for not providing a valid reason for it to the court, or... Read More »