How do you file a lien for condo fees in Washington?

Answer If you are a board member, best practices dictate that you work with your association's association-savvy attorney to file the proper lien, and to confirm in advance of filing, that the board has f... Read More »

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Can we file a lien yourself on unpaid condo fees?

If 'we' is the association board, then this task is best accomplished with the help and knowledge of an association savvy attorney. There are official and formal steps that must be followed in adva... Read More »

How do you file a lien for condo fees in Michigan?

Read your governing documents about filing liens for unpaid assessments, then take the documents to an attorney, who can help you file a lien. You'll also need a ledger for the unit owner, showing ... Read More »

How do you file a lien on unpaid condo fees in New Hampshire?

Read your governing documents to understand what's legal in your community and state. Usually, the association's attorney gives notice, which is required, with an opportunity given to the errant ow... Read More »

How do you file a property lien for unpaid condo fees in the state of MA?

Your governing documents detail the process required for the board to follow in order to pursue an owner for unpaid assessments.Best practices dictate that the board act with the assistance of a co... Read More »