Cheats for the Rubiks Cube?

Answer Ever tried solving a Rubik's cube? Designed to improve the player's ability to problem-solve, the Rubik's cube is a simple toy with a complex system of rules. Most people have tried one, but few ha... Read More »

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How to Solve a Rubiks Cube (the Cheap Way!)?

Do you have a Rubik's cube lying around somewhere, and want to solve it fast?Follow these directions!

Square 1 Rubiks Cube Tutorial?

The Square 1 (like the identical Cube 21) is a puzzle similar to a Rubik's Cube, made up of several connected pieces that the user must twist and manipulate. You need to make a cube with each side ... Read More »

How to Figure Out a Tetris Cube?

The right kind of puzzle strikes a balance between intellectual stimulation and practical resolvability. Having a puzzle that is impossible to solve isn't any fun at all, but having a puzzle that t... Read More »

How to Figure the Sides of a Cube From Volume?

A cube is a three-dimensional object with six congruent faces. Each side intersects other sides at 90-degree angles. Common examples of cubes include dice and some boxes. The volume of a cube is fo... Read More »