How do you figure how many yards of rock you need?

Answer Various types of rock are used as construction and landscaping materials. For example, crushed granite is a convenient and inexpensive material for paving driveways and garden paths. It is necessar... Read More »

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Is a lava rock that people use for landscaping their yards a metamorphic rock?

Lava rock for landscaping is a type of igneous rock known as a vesicular basalt. Scoria is a type of vesicular basalt found throughout North America. The red variety is commonly used in residential... Read More »

How do I figure yards of topsoil?

Find DimensionsMeasure the width, length and depth (in feet and inches) of the area you would like to fill with topsoil. Convert the dimensions to feet by dividing the number of inches at the end o... Read More »

How to Figure the Cubic Yards in a Circle?

A circle does not measure in cubic yards because cubic yards refers to volume while a circle only has area. However, a sphere, which is a three-dimensional circle, does have volume that can be quan... Read More »

How do I figure square yards of carpet?

DivideDivide the room into rectangular shapes.MeasureMeasure the length and the width of each rectangle. Multiply the length and width of each rectangle.AddAdd the total area of the rectangles tog... Read More »