How do you figure cubic feet for a refrigerator?

Answer I need to find out the cubic ft of a refrigeratorit is 28 1/4 wide, 28 1/2 deep and 66 high30.8 cubic feet

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How do I calculate cubic feet for a refrigerator?

Measure the DimensionsMeasure the interior depth, width and height of the refrigerator in inches with a tape measure and write the dimension measurements on a piece of paper. The surfaces of a refr... Read More »

How do you calculate the cubic feet of a refrigerator?

cubic foot= (length x width x height) divide by 1728where L, W and H in inches

How many cubic feet is a whirlpool refrigerator?

Whirlpool produces refrigerators in many sizes. As of June 2010, the largest models were the side-by side and freezer-on bottom models, which ranged in size from 17.7 to 25 cubic feet for a side-by... Read More »

Can you tell how many cubic feet your refrigerator is by the model number?

No where did you get a crazy idea like that Type the brand and model number in a search engine and your model may show up with the specifications within a page or two. like: Kemore XXXXXXXX Fridge