How do you feel when you hear someone refer to an unborn baby as a 'parasite'?

Answer Let's just say I don't like anyone who refers to a baby as a "parasite" I won't say anymore than that.

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If I talk to my unborn baby does he hear me?

Yes. By the time he is born he will already know and recognise your voice. Cool eh?Yes.

If your husband is in a rock band will it harm your unborn baby to hear him play?

Answer Probably not, but why take chances... (that's a joke)

Why does it feel like your unborn baby is fitting sometimes as opposed to slower irregular movement at 22 weeks gestation?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by "fitting", but sometimes irregular or spasmatic movements can be caused by the baby having hiccups, or maybe the baby just has a short burst of energy. If you ... Read More »

Can a child hear us when unborn?

yes but only when you are in the last 2 months of pregnancy