How do you feel when someone rejects you on facebook..................?

Answer I feel awful, it depresses me when they reject me, i feel, well, rejected.He probably doesnt want you on because, he doesnt want you to see certain things, you know?hes afraid you might embarrass h... Read More »

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I feel bored on the facebook ,how can i have more fun on it?

Nonia, get off the computer and go and do something else that has nothing to do with Facebook. Go to the park, help the community, take a walk, go to the library, meet new people....getting off the... Read More »

Do you ever feel creeped out by how much people know about you from Facebook?

You have to conduct yourself on Facebook as you do in person. You don't just walk out in public and pull your pictures out and show them to people you don't know. Or do you......

Do you feel people who do this on Facebook are scum?

Yeah it's bad but what I hate even more is when people go:Share this or she will come for you tonight!!!And then your like.If I share it ill have that ugly face on my wall but if I don't I'm too sc... Read More »

Does Facebook make you feel depressed?

Nope, I don’t use it, believe it or not I have a real life, I’d rather talk to squirrels in a park than baboons on SpaceBook.