How do you feel when someone rejects you on facebook..................?

Answer I feel awful, it depresses me when they reject me, i feel, well, rejected.He probably doesnt want you on because, he doesnt want you to see certain things, you know?hes afraid you might embarrass h... Read More »

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Don't you feel sad when someone removes you as a friend on Facebook?

For like a second I felt sad, because it's like rejection. But then you get over it because you weren't really friends with them to begin with.

How do you feel when you only get token responses on Facebook?

Time to find better things to do than Facebook. There is a real world out there.~

How to Make Someone Feel Better when They're Sad?

A sad personDo you know someone who is sad? Do you want to make them feel better? If so, then read this article!

When you kiss someone with braces do you feel them?

yes they'll feel them, but it doesnt have to ruin the moment, just be careful. If you get too wild/careless then yes it's going to hurt them, if they get to wild or careless they will hurt themselv... Read More »