How do you feel minutes before going into a bar alone?

Answer No different than I do going into a grocery store alone.

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Is it good to take a short nap, i.e 30-45 minutes when you feel tired?

A short 30-40 minute nap in the middle of a working day can increase productivity by over 30% and alertness by 100% as well as improve memory and concentration. Recent researches also show that we ... Read More »

I'm about 22 minutes pregnant. When should I feel the babby begin to kick/?

U r obviously uneducated in the pregnancy department retard. Wait about another 5 months

Why do motorcyclists feel the need to rev their loud engine for 10 minutes before driving off?

first of all if they rev more than 2~3 times than they're just simply showing off....1. bikers usually revs before they take off b/c of our size of bike are so small a lot of people simply just don... Read More »

What can you do when you've been pregnant 3 times don't have any warning when going into labor and only feel contractions after water breaks which only leaves you 30 minutes to get to a hospital?

Each pregnancy is different, and each person's experience with labor is different. Generally the more babies you deliver, the shorter the time from when labor begins until you deliver the baby. An... Read More »