How do you feel about vegetarians?

Answer No, you are wrong. Humans were not meant to be omnivores. Our teeth were made for plant foods, our canines not sharp enough to be a carnivore's. Our intestines are too long, we can't eat meat raw, ... Read More »

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How do people feel about vegetarians?

Can vegetarians eat clamsCan they actually think and feel pain?

Technically they don't eat any animal flesh. I haven't seen any reasons why a bivalve is different than a plant though. Bivalves do NOT have brains and react to stimuli in the same way plants do. V... Read More »

Why do meat eaters feel the need to criticise and mock vegetarians?

I don't think that all meat eaters feel the need to criticise... But of those that do I have found that they generally fall into two camps.1. Ignorance:I tend to think of these people as little she... Read More »

Do you feel awkward eating meat in front of vegetarians?

No, not at all. Everyone to his/her own. My best friend is a vegetarian and I've often cooked for her alongside our meat. I'd for instance, cook a curry with meat in for us and in a separate pot I'... Read More »