How do you feel about the use of Marijuana to treat autism. ?

Answer I have not looked into cannabis for *autism*, so I'm not just going to spout an opinion without something to back it up. I just want to comment on the fact that most of the answers on this question... Read More »

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How do you feel about having Marijuana put back up to a class B drug?

For the user it makes no difference at all. It is only those that posess large quantities, i.e. the dealers, that will have a problem here.

Do you feel optimistic about this vaccine that would use the body's immune system to treat cancer?

As a cancer survivor, I say Yeah! It is time for other treatments. The ones that are currently available are worse than the disease. They kill even the good cells and leave the patient with a host ... Read More »

How to Treat Autism?

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are developmental disabilities that cause considerable impairments in social interplay and communication and the existence of atypical behavior and preoccupation. A... Read More »

How does Joe and Biddy feel about pip in great expectations feel about leaving to London?