How do you feel about people who are remodeling their homes, still working on them on the weekend?

Answer Wow, I can't believe the answers you got, don't listen to them. I totally agree with you, on the weekends neighbors should not be disturbed, period! Some neighbors are inconsiderate and if we do... Read More »

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What Is Virtual Software for Remodeling Homes?

Virtual home remodeling software allows you to remodel your home within a computerized environment. Import photos snapped in your home, and create before and after visuals for rooms. See what your ... Read More »

I am currently working, however I feel very lonely what's the best way not to feel this way or depressed?

Get involved with co-workers; volunteer for community services and events, go to church! Whatever you can do to get out there and meet different people that do a variety of things!

Radio 1 Hackney weekend 2012 application for tickets NOT WORKING!?

I was getting the IP address error. However a few more tries on the website and I'm now booking. Tickets available for all areas still.So keep trying.Just a case of server overload, and poor IT pla... Read More »

How to Actually Feel Like Working Out?

Okay, so it's a new day and you say to yourself, "It's time to get in shape." Maybe you want to maintain a good physique, get in shape for a sports team, or you want start a healthier lifestyle. Wh... Read More »