How do you feel about overweight people?

Answer idk?there going to throw up the food they ate?or eat him/her self?

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How to Feel Good As an Overweight Preteen/Teen?

Are you an overweight teen/preteen? Society judges people by their appearance not actions. this article will help you feel confident as an overweight teen

Is it normal to feel like pigging out on food all the time even if you're not hungry and not overweight?

AnswerYou did not mention your age. If you are in your teens, a big appetite is normal and as long as you are getting plenty of exercise and not gaining weight, you probably don't need to worry unl... Read More »

Why are so many people in the US overweight?

A lack of physical activity and an overconsumption of high-calorie foods. The two factors mean the average American takes in a huge number of calories without expending nearly as many- resulting in... Read More »

What are your views on Overweight people?

I am larger than a 16, but within reach. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. However, contrary to popular belief, I am very active and don't eat as much as skinny people. I am just n... Read More »