How do you feel about mandatory vaccinations for health care workers?

Answer If you want to work for a company, you follow their rules.

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Health care workers, does getting the annual flu shot make you feel sick?

Nope. Not usually. Keep in mind, though, that your immune system is having to fight off three different strains of flu simultaneously after the shot, so it is not uncommon for some virus (flu or ... Read More »

How do you feel about vaccinations?

I think we give way too many in general and certainly way too many at too young an age. I don't get a flu shot and have not had any vaccinations in years and won't. And this Guardasil thing is a ... Read More »

Types of Health Care Workers?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the health care industry is one of the largest in America and that half of the fastest growing job categories are in this industry. If you're lookin... Read More »

Gift Suggestions for Health Care Workers?

Health care workers spend their days (or nights) ensuring that sick, injured or ailing people are as comfortable as possible and aiding them on the road to recovery. Whether your health care worker... Read More »