How do you feel about Vegetarianism?

Answer Up to the person but they should not force their opinion on others. We are designed to eat meat, thats why we have canine teeth. You can survive without meat, but you can survive without clothes ... Read More »

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Why does Veganism/Vegetarianism make me feel guilty?

It sounds like you're feeling guilty because your sister is making you feel guilty. Don't listen to her. Do what you feel is right. After all, it's your body, not your sister's.

How does Joe and Biddy feel about pip in great expectations feel about leaving to London?

Questions about vegetarianism?

CAN a vegetarian wear leather? Yes. But yes, there's incredible cruelty involved. Some leather sold in my country is from Australian cattle and is therefore a by-product, but it would seem the majo... Read More »

Opinion about waiving my vegetarianism for one day (tomorrow)?

You already know the answer that you want to hear, so why ask? If you can eat meat tomorrow and not feel guilty, or regret the decision later, than it is up to you. No one can tell you what to do a... Read More »