How do you fade a pic in the background of a microsoft works program I forget!?

Answer If you are talking about using an image in the background that looks as if it is faded, then this is usually referred to as a "watermark".You might need to FORMAT the BACKGROUND with a PRINTED WATE... Read More »

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What's the best program (that's FREE) for opening a docx document when all you got is crappy Microsoft Works?

Wasssup Occulty ...Try downloading open office ... its free and it is identical to Microsoft office and you can use it to open all Microsoft office files

Which is the newer version: Microsoft Works 2002 or Microsoft Works 6.0?

Microsoft Works Suite 2001, released in September 2000, was a package of several programs, including Microsoft Works 6.0, the newest version of program at the time.Microsoft Works Suite 2002, relea... Read More »

How to recover Microsoft Works and Works Word Processor?

You must have done a system recovery and not a system restore. They are vastly different.System recovery take the computer back to like it was when first purchased (everything you've added is remov... Read More »

Does Microsoft Office Standard 2007 have Microsoft Works with it?

Microsoft Office 2007 Standard does not include Microsoft Works as part of its software suite. Microsoft Office 2007 Standard only includes 2007 versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Mic... Read More »