How do you extract menthol from mint leaves?

Answer Steam distillation yield mint essential oil. From the essential oil you have two options: Extraction, reduction, and purification. Or you can take the essential oil and perform a re-crystallization... Read More »

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How to Extract Mint Oils from Leaves?

Mint oil has a number of uses––it can be used to add a minty flavor to drinks, add mint flavor to food such as chocolates and icing and used in a number of natural applications from deterring m... Read More »

Where do mint leaves come from?

Mint leaves come from a number of mint plants. The three main varieties of mint plant are spearmint, peppermint and pennyroyal. Mints serve a wide range of purposes, from flavoring toothpaste and c... Read More »

Where did the herb mint leaves come from?

How to Make Natural Perfume From Mint Leaves?

Here's a guide to help you make mint perfume, naturally, without any oils.