How do you export contacts from outlook to iPhone?

Answer Like Magic :)

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How do I export contacts in Microsoft Outlook?

Open Microsoft Outlook by clicking on your "Start" button, then "All Programs", then "Microsoft Office" and finally "Outlook". Click on "File", then click on "Import and Export" to bring up the Imp... Read More »

How to Import & Export Outlook Email Contacts?

Keeping your contacts in multiple locations allows you to email your contacts from anywhere. Outlook contains a straightforward procedure to import and export, allowing you to keep your contact lis... Read More »

How to Export Outlook Contacts You've Recently E Mailed?

How to sort your Outlook contacts by whom you've recently e-mailed and then export those contacts to a spreadsheet, database, etc.

How do I export contacts from iPhone 3g to your PC?

To export your contacts to your computer, all you need to do is - 1. plug in your iphone 2. go onto itunes 3. click on your iphone 4. go to the contacts tab and select export contacts Notice: I... Read More »