How do you explain to a kindergarten where he came from?

Answer Keep it simple but honest. When my oldest son was 3 and I was expecting his brother, he wanted to know how the baby would get out of my tummy. I said, well you know how you have a place where poo... Read More »

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Where did digital came from?

Commentators wear headphones because they need to be able to hear their program and they also need to not hear the noise from the outside and interference.

Where do flowers came from?

Flowers come from God. God created all living things; along with the flowers. Each flower is a tiny beautiful miracle, and people should notice them more often.

Where the name Nokia came from?

Yes it can be swapped. I actually swapped my razr's sim card to my iphone. Nothing happened. It works perfectly.

Where NASA crew came from?

The N.A.S.A crew come from all over the U.S.A.