How do you explain how something taste?

Answer Exactly the way you did. Taste is such an ambiguous concept, so people often reference or compare foods they taste to other things to be better understood (like how often people jokingly say some... Read More »

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I need to eat vegetables but do not like the taste of them. Is there something that i can cover up the taste?

if u like cheese then but cheese on some of ur vegetables, it'll make it taste better....

How to Explain the Taste I Have in the Back of My Throat?

Medical conditions are diagnosed by both medical tests and your ability to communicate your symptoms effectively to your doctor. One symptom that can prove to be particularly difficult to explain i... Read More »

Can anyone explain why my French Toast recipe don’t taste right any more?

I really miss that Verlene. Maybe it doesn't taste right because I've been too busy to shower. I'll get my soap on a rope later tonight and give you call.

How to Explain Something Clearly?

Have you ever explained something to someone before, but they couldn't understand what you were trying to explain? These are tips on how to prevent that from happening again.