What is relationship of hip hop to ghetto and ghetto language?

Answer If you want to learn about hip hop slang, Big L breaks it down in the song "Ebonics".

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Explain the various techniqs for animation in multimedia also explain how a multimedia packeg to be desined foe awarenss use for internet?

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Ghetto names?

1. Alize' 2. Lexus (especially if you don't own a car) 3. Mercedes (same as #2) 4. BonQuisha 5. La Shawnte' (any name starting with La) 6. La Quitta 7. Hennessey (just WRONG) 8. KelShanique 9. MayO... Read More »

I want to be 'Ghetto'?

Maybe try putting some cream on your head, decorated with some black cherries?

How to Move Out of a Ghetto?

Has your family lived in a ghetto for one or more generations, and you wish to "move on up"? Keep reading, and take control of your destiny.