How do you expect your dad to treat you lika a man when you do little boy things?


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What are some things to expect during and after getting my first tattoo?

Well, when you get to the tattoo studio you will have to sign a consent form. Then you will be taken into the actual tattooing area.The tattooist will wear gloves and you will notice that most of t... Read More »

What are the three main things you would expect to see a Customer Service Assistant doing?

1. Placing bets on how long you will let the phone ring untill youve had enough and hang up.2. Cycling through the streets of Bombay.3. Reading the seminal book, "The Customer is Always Wrong: A gu... Read More »

My dad collected everything. One of those things was dried foods,how long can we expect them to stay good.?

Expiry date. Though some low risk foods will last pretty much indefinitely. But beware of canned goods, due to risk of botulism.

What wonderful things can I expect to happen in my life if I start using Fabuloso to clean my house?

I use fabuloso and I love it. All sorts of cute and fuzzy woodland creatures appear and flowers jump around holding hands and you spin around and just feel refreshed. It's quite fun to feel so care... Read More »