How do you expand your internal memory on an android?

Answer Uninstall some apps Clear CacheMove apps to sd

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How can I expand my android phone's memory ?

The SD card has nothing to do with the actual phones internal memory who h is usually around 500mb and I recently had this problem with my HTC EVO. All you need to do is go into manage applications... Read More »

Do android phones apps only go on internal memory or can they be held on memory cards too?

i have one and yes it doe shoot videos, it shoots it in black and whit negative and a bunch of different color effects.

How do you download apps to your sd card if you have an android phone running v 2.1 and your internal memory is full but you have tons of space on your sd card?

If I understood you correctly, downloading apps to sdcard is by default on android phones that have sdcard... Did I get you right?

Size of digital camera internal memory and is a memory card necessary?

most digital cameras come with a very small internal memory, allowing you to take anywhere from 10-25 pictures.