How do you even tell if your drunk?

Answer Well this is my first time ever being drunk. I decided to come home and drink some shots of vodka, so I could decide what being drunk felt like without having the whole bunch of people around me t... Read More »

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If you get drunk and have to go to the hospital do they tell your school?

Can magarita mix get you tipsy or even drunk?

Can Mosquitoes get drunk from drinking your blood if you are drunk?

lol I don't know the answer, but I had to respond lol it's a brilliant question, kinda thing I'd think of :p I'm guessing not though? and if it did, I'm guessing it would kill them being so small ?

Why do i need to use the loo in the night ( 4-5 times ), even if i haven't drunk very much all day long?

you may have a weak or bladder problem. i would get it looked at by a proper doctor