How do you escape from home without causing alarm?

Answer go into the attic and chop a hole in the roof

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How to Escape from a Pursuer After Causing Mischief?

Escaping a pursuer is not as hard as it looks.

What is the best home alarm?

On One Hand: One With Cellular SignalThe best home alarm is one that runs off your cellular phone signal. Most home alarms are hardwired into your landline for notifying the alarm company of an int... Read More »

How can I clean a Woollen carpet at home without causing any kind of damage?

If you want to do it at home, rent a carpet cleaner (steam/water injection and vacuum). Take the rug to a clean area (patio, garage etc and just clean it with normal carpet cleaning shampoo. Go bac... Read More »

Alarm system for home?

you can't trust ebay. i would say shop around for contract services.