How do you erase songs on iPhone 4?

Answer the same way with all of the other iphones

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If i erase all my songs I have in my itunes library will it erase the songs off my ipod next time i connect it?

Yup... which is why I have a 120 Gig iPod... keeps me safe lol

How do you erase songs from your ipod?

to erase song you should right click on the song when your ipod is plugged in and it says delete. then you click it and you are done.

If i send someone a text on my iphone,and then i erase it on my iphone does it go off the other person/s to?

How to Erase Songs From Memory on a Sansa Clip?

The Sansa Clip is a small, portable audio player. Songs are stored on the internal hard drive, which vary in size depending on which model you're using, such as the 4GB or 8 GB. There are two ways ... Read More »