How do you erase music from an old iPod?

Answer By connecting the iPod to a computer, the songs can be deleted via iTunes. However, if the user wants to completely wipe the iPod, it should be connect to a computer. The user should then right cl... Read More »

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When you restore an iPod on a Windows from a Mac does it erase the music that is already on the iPod?

When you restore an iPod it will wipe all data saved on it.Yeah

How to Erase All My iPod Songs From My iPod But Not the Library?

In order to free up space on an iPod for new songs and other media, it is sometimes necessary to delete older files from your device. However, that does not mean that you must also erase the tunes ... Read More »

How Do You Erase GB From an iPod?

It's not possible to erase GB directly from your iPod, but you can do so through iTunes, the program typically associated with the iPod. Erasing unwanted GB from your iPod can clear up space for ot... Read More »

How do I erase music from iPods?

Connect DeviceConnect the iPod to a computer using the USB cable designed for iPod use.Configure Manual ManagementLaunch iTunes. Depending on iPod configuration, iTunes might automatically open as ... Read More »