How do you erase just one caller off your recent callers list on the iPhone 4?

Answer buy them from itunes

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How do you undelete recent calls list on iPhone 3GS?

Well, it can be undeleted provided that you ever sync the recent call lists on your PC or mac. Then iPhone data recovery below below will work even to restore files including Contacts, SMS, call re... Read More »

How do I erase recent searches on Dogpile?

Clear Recent Search HistoryClick the "Clear All" link in the "Recent Search" menu, which is on the right-side panel of all Dogpile search results pages.Clear Your Dogpile Recent Search History by T... Read More »

How do i erase recent searches on google on a mac?

Open Safari, then click "Safari" at the top of the widow. Click "Preferences." Click on "Auto Fill" at the top of the box. Select "Edit" at the bottom next to "Other Forms." Find in the ... Read More »

When you have caller id, do the list of incomming calls come on your bill too?

No. Plus, your with bill only shows calls you make, not recieved calls, as you only pay for call you make. Having caller ID will not change your bill at all except an extra charge for having calle... Read More »