How do you erase contact off iPhone?

Answer Go to the contact and hit edit, then scroll down to the bottom and hit delete contact.

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If i send someone a text on my iphone,and then i erase it on my iphone does it go off the other person/s to?

How to Erase All Memory in an iPhone?

The iPhone is a fully functional smart phone and pocket computer that can store a lot of information. At times, you may want to erase all information and settings from the memory of your device. Th... Read More »

How do you erase songs on iPhone 4?

the same way with all of the other iphones

Does a restore on an iPhone 4 erase all contents?

Yes. Only do this when your phone is frozen or bricked. If you kept a backup saved on your computer or up in the cloud, you can always back it up after the restore.