How do you enable cookies on your iPod touch?

Answer 1. Go to Settings.2. Press Safari in the Settings.3. Go to Accept Cookies.4. Choose Which One you Want.

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How can I enable my disabled iPod Touch?

Try resetting it in the way Apple recommends; otherwise you may have to send it to a repair unit or shop to be fixed. He has a point you know. Do what he said.

How do you enable javascript for iPod Touch?

The iPod touch has JavaScript enabled by default. If you're thinking about one of those websites that need JavaScript and Flash, the iPod doesn't have (and will probably never have) flash. You may ... Read More »

Can you enable home screen wallpapers and multitasking on iOS 4.0 iPod touch using a jailbreak after your iPods already updated. As in not using the original update file but to plug in and jailbreak?

With RedSn0w there is the option (when jailbreaking) to add multitasking and a homescreen wallpaper.

How do I enable cookies?

you can enable it on internet settings.. if your using chrome click the wrench icon/settings and content you can check the default cookies is always on..