How do you enable PictBridge on Canon EOS 50 D?

Answer The FinePix Z33WP is better.

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Is the Canon Powershot SD450 compatible with PictBridge?

The Canon Powershot SD450 digital camera can be used with PictBridge-compatible printers. The camera's USB cable connects to the USB port on the printer. The PictBridge feature allows you to print ... Read More »

What is PictBridge?

PictBridge technology was created in 2002 by the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA). PictBridge allows images from a memory card in a digital camera to be printed directly to a printer ... Read More »

How do you print photos with PictBridge from D80?

Hi! I could not find this answer on the internet, so as I have managed to solve my problem, I want to share it with you. When you want to print a photo from your D80, make sure you change some set... Read More »

Can you put construction paper in a pictbridge?

Pictbridge is a way of connecting a camera to a printer without using a computer.Many printers have this, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the capability of the printer. However, if it is... Read More »