How do you enable 3g on your blackjack 2?

Answer Millimeters is a measure of length; liters is a measure of volume. You can't convert between the two.

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How to Win at Blackjack?

Some people argue that blackjack is the only casino game in which the player actually has a fair chance against the house. Here's how you can learn to up your odds of winning.

What is the value of an ace in blackjack?

According to the Washington State Gambling Commission, a player can value the ace as a 1 or 11. (The dealer's value of that card depends on the rules of his casino.) The suit of the ace makes no di... Read More »

How to Tip Blackjack Dealers?

It's always a good idea to tip your blackjack dealers when gambling at a casino, especially if you are winning. By tipping well, you develop a good relationship with the dealers, pit bosses and oth... Read More »

How to Have a Better Chance at Blackjack Using Hi and Low?

The chance of you winning at blackjack is 48 to 52. But with the Hi and Low you will increase your chances.