How to Not Embarrass Yourself?

Answer Once you discover the reason of "why" you make mistakes, it is easy to not to feel embarrassed. In fact, the easiest step is simply to acknowledge that it is OK to make mistakes. We all do, so we d... Read More »

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Has your child ever done something to embarrass you in public?

Hi Mrs.GC.Of all of them the following was by far my most embarrassing;I went to check out a new shower at B&Q.My three year old son who was accompanying me. While talking to an assistant he asked... Read More »

How to Embarrass Your Older Sibling's Friends?

So, your older sister or brother is inviting those friends of theirs that call you "super shorty". Here is how to get back at them...

How to Decorate and De Embarrass Your Room (for Teens)?

You are so excited to invite your new friends over! But, check your room! Is it dull, messy, and filled with stuff from your embarrassing years? What will they think of this?!

I am a 15 year old boy and weigh about 95 pounds. My wrists are really thin and kind of embarrass me....?

I know exactly how you must be feeling having been made fun of, teased, bullied and beaten up in school due to my skinny stature just like what you have right now. What I did was to eat a high carb... Read More »

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