How do you email a video from the iPhone 4?

Answer I looked up "iShred Guitar" in the App Store and I found iShred. Try looking it up again.

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How do you setup Verizon email so if you delete an email from the iPhone it deletes it on my desktop?

Hold the home (circular button) and the on/off/sleep button (button on top) for about 1-2 seconds and then you will see the screen flash. Check your photos, and the screenshot should be there.

How do I access email from an iPhone?

Power on your iPhone by holding down the button located on the top of the device. The Apple logo will appear on the screen. Once the main display has appeared, touch the "Mail" icon on the screen. ... Read More »

How to Delete an Email from iPhone Mail?

The iPhone has one of the best applications for reading and writing email, but what if you want to delete a sensitive email on the go, or you're running out of space on your email account? This tut... Read More »

How do i sign out of my email account from my iphone?

go to settings then the email choice and click on it and it will say sign out