How do you eat an Oreo?

Answer just eat it the way you and your friends normally do or how you like eating it. there's no right or wrong way to eat something. some people even dip their oreos in their glass of milk

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How do you make an oreo milkshake with oreo icecream?

Put some of your oreo ice cream and milk into a blender and whiz away! Presto - milkshake!

How to Play Oreo?

Although it is called "Oreo", this game has nothing to do with Milk's Favorite Cookie. Oreo is a game that is pretty much rock, paper, scissors, but with a huge twist to it. Want to play?

How big is an Oreo cookie?

An original Oreo sandwich cookie measures approximately 2 inches in diameter, as well as 1/2 an inch in thickness and 6.3 inches in circumference. The mass of an Oreo cookie is approximately 11 g.S... Read More »

Oreo Crafts?

Oreo crafts are great to make because they can be beautiful when incorporated with other materials and your finished product is, after all, edible. Doing Oreo crafts at home can be a great way to i... Read More »