How do you eat an Oreo?

Answer just eat it the way you and your friends normally do or how you like eating it. there's no right or wrong way to eat something. some people even dip their oreos in their glass of milk

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How do you make an oreo milkshake with oreo icecream?

Put some of your oreo ice cream and milk into a blender and whiz away! Presto - milkshake!

How should I eat my oreo?

You should use your thumb and forefinger and completely submerge it in milk until there are no more bubbles. Only then will you know that it is completely soaked. Then tilt your head up a bit and o... Read More »

How to Eat an Oreo Cookie?

With over 490 billion cookies made[1], Oreos have become the dominant love over the past few generations. Along with the popularity of this cookie brand, there are countless of ways to eat one. Pur... Read More »

How to Eat Oreo Cookies?

Oreos are considered America's favorite cookie, but since people aren't eating them correctly, they can't be enjoyed to their fullest extent. Continue reading these step-by-step directions to eatin... Read More »